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Dead Island 2, developed by Dambuster Studios and published by Deep Silver, is an action role-playing game released in 2023. Serving as a sequel to Dead Island, Dead Island 2 sets itself apart by shifting the action to the quarantined city of Los Angeles, around 15 years after the events of its predecessors. Players in this game find themselves amidst a zombie outbreak in this urban setting. 

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Dead Island 2 Release Date 

Dead Island 2 launched on April 21, 2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Initially, it was exclusively available on the Epic Games Store for one year on Windows. However, it became available on Steam on April 22, 2024.

Dead Island 2 Update

Dead Island 2 recently got an update focusing on fixing technical glitches and bugs in the main game. It also addressed issues in the Haus DLC. 

In the base game, improvements include adding support for Epic Game Launcher Cloud Save, preventing enemies from teleporting through objects, ensuring side quests are accessible, fixing the Gore Horse achievement unlock, and more. 

The Haus DLC fixes involve ensuring carry-able heads don’t get stuck on objects and preventing players from getting trapped in specific areas. This update is downloadable on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms.

Base Game Updates

Addressed various issues related to accessibility of side quest content. 

  • Corrected an issue where the ‘Gore Horse‘ achievement failed to unlock properly for certain players.
  •  Resolved the ‘Kill-O-Watt Kick‘ skill not triggering visual effects (VFX) in certain cooperative scenarios.
  •  Fixed a bug causing reduced damage for players using bare fists after respawning following a death.
  •  Rectified various issues concerning the correct allocation of achievements for cooperative players.
  • Implemented several minor fixes to UI, HUD elements, and damage numbers.
  • Addressed minor audio issues.
  •  Fixed various minor cooperative gameplay issues.

Haus DLC updates

  • untickedFixed situations where carrying a head near a wall would cause it to stuck inside.
  • untickedResolved an issue where changing character cosplay could trap a carry-able head under a storage locker.
  • untickedFixed a problem in the “Found: Zahra” mission where killing zombies prematurely could create an obstacle.
  • untickedRectified issues with Haus progress on multiple slayers causing blockers. 
  • untickedCorrected various environmental collision problems in Haus
  • untickedFixed scenarios where zombies would get stuck or struggle to navigate the environment properly.
  • untickedAddressed rare visual glitches in Haus cut-scenes.
  • untickedImproved messaging to clarify why players may be unable to access DLC content.

Dead Island DLC

Dead Island 2 currently has two main DLCs available, both included in the Expansion Pass:

  • Dead Island 2 – Haus: This DLC takes you to a surreal and disturbing psycho-horror dreamscape in a Malibu mansion. 
  • Dead Island 2 SoLA: This DLC throws you into the heart of a music festival overrun by zombies, with a strange and powerful rhythm at its center. 

Dead Island 2 Haus 

Haus throws you headfirst into a disturbing dreamscape in Malibu. This isn’t your typical zombie slaying ground.  Here, the line between reality and perception blurs as you explore the mansion’s labyrinthine halls.  

The story revolves around a mysterious techno-death cult led by a billionaire.  You’ll delve into their secrets while battling your way through the mansion’s twisted environments.

Haus introduces new enemies to test your skills and sanity. You’ll have to deal with cultists. The cult members are heavily armed and determined to defend their twisted way of life.

To survive the horrors of Haus, you’ll need a new arsenal:

  • K-Crossbow: This powerful and precise weapon lets you unleash devastating long-range attacks and explode zombified heads with ease.
  • New Melee Weapons: Haus offers a variety of new melee weapons to suit your playstyle, from sharp blades to blunt instruments for up-close encounters with the undead.

Dead Island 2 SoLA

Dead island 2 SoLA transports you to “The Valley,” a once-thrilling festival venue now overrun by infected music lovers. It introduces a new enemy type to the Dead Island roster – the Whipper.  

At the heart of SoLA’s chaos lies a mysterious phenomenon.  A powerful, infectious rhythm seems to control the infected.  Your mission is to find the source of this music and put a stop to it to break the control over the zombie horde.

To stand out in this musical massacre, SoLA offers some wild new weaponry:

  • Fret-Board Cutter: This guitar axe delivers a brutal experience.
  • Cymbal Shield: Block attacks and deflect projectiles with this stylish and functional defense.
  • Flamethrower Mic: this unique weapon combines fire and music in a deadly way.

Is Dead Island 2 SoLA Worth It?

Reviews are mixed on SoLA. Some players love the humor and vibrant setting, while others find the repetitive gameplay and lack of significant story additions underwhelming.

Dead Island 2 on Steam

Dead Island 2 was released on Steam on April 22, 2024, after a year of exclusivity on the Epic Games Store.

As of today, April 24, 2024, there’s a launch discount bringing the price down to $29.99 from its usual $59.99.

Besides the base game, there are several dead island 2 DLC available for purchase, including:

  • Dead Island 2 – SoLA (Season One Launch Access)
  • Dead Island 2 – Expansion Pass
  • Dead Island 2 – Golden Weapons Pack

Before you buy, it might be helpful to check out some dead island 2 review to see if the game matches what you’re looking for. You can also watch gameplay videos to get a better sense of the game’s visuals and combat.

Is dead island 2 crossplay? 

No, Dead Island 2 does not support crossplay, meaning players on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC are unable to team up across platforms. 

Instead, you can only connect with others on the same console family, such as PS5 and PS4, or Xbox Series X and Xbox One. Additionally, players on Epic Games Store and Steam on PC can join together. 

While this does provide some opportunities for cross-platform play within the same console family, it remains limited. Notably, players on base PS4 or Xbox One S can join sessions but cannot host them, while PS4 Pro and Xbox One X users have the capability to host.

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