Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover Review: All You Need To Know!

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 is a temperature-controlled mattress cover. It connects to a tank of water and uses sensors to track sleep quality and health metrics. This amazing mattress cover offers a variety of features. Its features are thermal and vibrating alarms, individualized cooling and heating and health and sleep tracking through its app. The system is designed to improve sleep quality. So, it adjusts the bed temperature based on the user’s preferences and sleep stages. It also provides insights into sleep habits and quality through detailed metrics. These metrics are heart rate variability, sleep stages, breath rate, and heart rate. The app offers educational content. It also alerts for changes in health vitals over time.

Features of Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover

The features highlighted in the Eight Sleep reviews include:

Smart Mattress Technology

This Stunning Mattress Cover offers a revolutionary approach to sleep with its smart mattress technology. It provides advanced temperature control and comfort.

Temperature Control

This Pod Cover includes active temperature control. It allows users to set their preferred temperature at bedtime and wake-up. In this way, it enhances sleep comfort.

Sleep Tracking

This Unique system offers sleep tracking capabilities. It provides insights into sleep latency, sleep and wake-up times, and personalized sleep reports through the app. 

Subscription Model 

Some people are worried about the changes in the subscription model introduced by Eight Sleep. These changes might affect how much money you spend and how good the experience is for users.


The special cover costs $2,195 for a Queen-size Pod 3 Cover. This makes it a fancy product in the smart sleep technology market.

These special features make the system stand out. They show that it’s all about making your sleep better using technology.

BedJet vs Eight Sleep

BedJet Overview

The BedJet 3 is an air-based climate comfort sleep system that blows cool or hot air through a nozzle into the sheets, offering a simpler cooling experience compared to Eight Sleep’s water-controlled system. It is compatible with various mattresses, easy to set up, and provides temperature adjustments through a remote, app, or the machine itself. The BedJet 3 is priced lower than Eight Sleep, making it a more budget-friendly option for those seeking temperature regulation

Eight Sleep Overview

The Eight Sleep Pod Cover utilizes a water-based cooling system that adjusts temperature based on sleep stages and local weather conditions. It offers dual-zone temperature control, allowing different temperatures on each side of the bed, and integrates sleep tracking features through its app. While more expensive than the BedJet, this  Pod Cover provides advanced sleep insights, comfort with its foam integration, and a modern design

Comparison Highlights

  • Temperature Control: BedJet uses air, while this Advanced tool utilizes water for temperature regulation.
  • Price: BedJet is more affordable than Eight Sleep.
  • Features: This Stunning APK offers sleep tracking and dual-zone temperature control, while BedJet focuses on simplicity and ease of use.
  • Setup: BedJet is quick to set up, while it requires monthly water refills and is considered a luxury bedding item.
  • User Experience: It provides detailed sleep data and insights, enhancing the overall sleep experience, while BedJet is praised for its effectiveness in cooling and heating the bed.

The choice between BedJet and Eight Sleep depends on individual preferences, budget, and the desired level of technology and features for optimal sleep comfort and temperature regulation.

Eight Sleep Alternatives


The BedJet 3 is a popular alternative to the Eight Sleep Pod Cover. It uses an air-based system to blow cool or warm air through a nozzle and into the sheets, providing temperature regulation without the need for water. The BedJet 3 is more affordable than the Eight Sleep system, costing less than $500, and is compatible with any mattress. It offers features like temperature scheduling, biorhythm sleep temperatures, and a wake-up temperature setting, but lacks the advanced sleep tracking capabilities of this Enhanced Cover.


The Ooler Sleep System is like a special blanket that can make your bed cool or warm. It has a small box that controls water flowing through tubes in the blanket, so you can have different temperatures on each side of the bed. The Ooler costs around $799 and can work with smart home systems like HomeAssistant.


ChiliSleep makes two cool gadgets called OOLER and Cube for your bed. They also use water to make your bed warm or cool. These gadgets have a little box that sends water through a special blanket or pad to control the temperature. ChiliSleep’s products are usually cheaper than the Eight Sleep Pod Cover, starting at around $699..

Dock Pro

The Dock Pro is a cooling and heating system for your bed that works with any mattress. It can make your bed warmer or cooler, and it can track your sleep. It also works with smart home systems. The Dock Pro costs around $799, which is less expensive than the Eight Sleep Pod Cover.

When you’re thinking about other options instead of the Elite Pod Cover, think about how much they cost, what features they have, how easy they are to use, and if they work with your mattress and smart home. While the Dock Pro has good sleep tracking and a nice design, other choices might be cheaper or fit your needs better.

Eight Sleep Discount Code

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In conclusion, after looking at many different Eight Sleep reviews, it’s clear that this Amazing Cover brings a new way to sleep with its clever mattress tech. People like how comfy it is, the cool temperature control, and how it might make sleep better. But, some worry about changes in how you pay, how much it costs compared to other stuff, and that you need the app to use it. Still, lots of users say their sleep got way better and they’re happy with it. Plus, it seems to last a long time, which makes it worth the money for folks who want better sleep.

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