Evo Japan 2024, Tekken 8 Brackets, Schedule, Lineup & Stream!

Evo Japan 2024 is an offshoot of the Evo tournament series, which is one of the largest and most prestigious events in the fighting game community. Evo Japan was established to bring the excitement of competitive fighting games to a global audience, particularly focusing on the Asian region. 

It was first announced in 2016 as a joint venture between Shoryuken.com, and Aiming Inc. The tournament has been held in various locations across Japan. In the past, it has taken place in cities like Tokyo and Fukuoka.

It features tournaments for a diverse selection of fighting games. Some of the titles include Street Fighter, Tekken, Super Smash Bros., Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, and more. The specific evo japan 2024 lineup of games may vary from year to year based on popularity and community interest.

It typically follows a similar format to Evo in the United States. It includes both singles and doubles competitions, with players competing in brackets until a champion is crowned in each game. The tournament format may include pools, double elimination brackets, and top 8 finals.

This game not only serves as a platform for high-level competition but also as a celebration of fighting game culture in Japan and beyond. It brings together players, fans, and industry professionals to share their passion for fighting games, fostering community growth and camaraderie.

Evo Japan 2024 Schedule 

The fighting game tournament was held in Tokyo, Japan from April 27th to 29th, 2024. Here’s a breakdown of the evo japan 2024 details:

Dates: April 27-29, 2024

Location: Tokyo, Japan (Venue: Ariake GYM-EX)

Evo Japan 2024 Brackets 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of large fighting game tournaments, providing every detail about every evo japan 2024 bracket is difficult. However, I can give you some resources and information on how to find specific brackets you’re interested in:

Start.gg: The official website for Evo Japan 2024 was likely hosted on Start.gg. You can still access the event page here:  https://www.start.gg/tournament/evo-japan-2024-presented-by-rohto/attendee/14717187 

Once you’re on the game’s page on Start.gg, look for a section titled “Brackets“. Here, you might find options for Top 8, Top 32, or even the full bracket for the game.

Some games might have separate pages for their brackets. Look for links or information on how to access them.

Evo japan Tekken 8 bracket can be found here: https://www.start.gg/tournament/evo-japan-2024-presented-by-rohto/event/evo-japan-2024-guilty-gear-strive-2/brackets/1636314/2442545

Other games might not have readily available brackets online. You might need to search for community resources or forums dedicated to those specific games.

[Liquipedia: This is a great resource for fighting games and might have documented some of the Evo Japan 2024 brackets, especially for major titles: https://liquipedia.net/fighters/Evolution_Championship_Series/2024/Japan

Remember, these resources might not have every single bracket from Evo Japan, but they should be a good starting point for finding the information you’re looking for.

Evo Japan 2024 Stream 

There wasn’t a single official Evo Japan 2024 stream that broadcasted every match throughout the event. However, there were likely several streams to follow the action:

  • Official Evo Japan Stream (の可能性)(kanouseisei): It’s possible there was an official Evo Japan stream on their website or a platform like Twitch, but finding archived footage might be difficult.
  • Watch Parties: Many fighting game content creators and commentators host watch parties during major tournaments like Evo Japan. Here are some resources to find these streams:
    • YouTube: Search for “Evo Japan 2024 Watch Party” on YouTube. You’ll likely find archived streams from various creators who provided commentary and coverage of the event. Some popular channels for fighting game content include Tasty Steve, IFC Yipes, and Maximilian Dood.
    • Twitch: Similar to YouTube, you can search for “Evo Japan 2024” on Twitch and find archived broadcasts from the event.

Evo japan 2024 lineup

The fighting game lineup for Evo Japan 2024 consisted of a mix of established titles and upcoming releases:

  • Main Focus: The main focus seemed to be on new and upcoming games, with titles like:
    • Street Fighter 6: This upcoming title likely had a strong presence with tournaments and potentially early access for players.
    • Tekken 8: Similar to Street Fighter 6, Tekken 8 is an upcoming title that might have had tournaments or first looks for attendees.
  • Established Titles: Evo Japan also featured popular fighting games that have been out for a while, including:
    • Guilty Gear -Strive
    • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Here are some resources for gathering info about the Evo Japan 2024 lineup:

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