How To Use HARPA AI? Features, Price, Rating & Review!

HARPA AI is like having a super-smart friend right in your web browser. It is a Google Chrome extension that brings AI magic to your fingertips. With HARPA, you can do all sorts of cool stuff, like automating tasks, extracting data, and even writing content. One of the best things about HARPA is its ability to chat with websites, PDFs, and YouTube videos. It can give you summaries and key information in a snap, saving you tons of time and effort. You can use big language models. These models are like GPT-3 and Claude without ever leaving your browser. It is like having a whole team of experts at your beck and call, ready to help you with whatever you need.

Features of HARPA AI

HARPA AI is a helpful tool with many cool things it can do to make your web work easier. Here’s what it can do:

Make Your Own Commands

With this Advanced Tool, you can create special commands that make tasks easier, like turning a YouTube video into a blog post or making up a new website name. 

Different Writing Styles

It can write in 18 different ways, like telling facts, making stories interesting, convincing people, or being creative. This helps make your writing more exciting and easy to understand for your readers.

Works with ChatGPT

This latest app talks to ChatGPT, which is a smart computer program. It helps HARPA AI write human-like text by understanding what you want to say. So, it is like having a smart helper by your side.

Does Jobs Automatically

This Super AI Tool can do tasks on the internet all by itself. It can check if products are available, keep an eye on other websites, get information from YouTube videos, and change websites into something easier to use.

Keeps Your Stuff Private

HARPA AI works on your own computer, so it doesn’t send your information anywhere. When it needs help from ChatGPT, it is all done in a way that keeps your stuff safe and private.

Totally Free

Right now, you can use it for free! You just need an account for ChatGPT to do some special tasks.

How HARPA AI Works?

Here’s how HARPA AI does its magic:

Your Special Commands

You can make special commands with it.  This Fast AI helps you do things faster and easier on the web. These commands are simple to make and use, even if you’re not a tech expert.

Different Writing Styles

It knows how to write in lots of different styles, like telling you facts or making things sound exciting. By using these styles, you can make your writing better and more fun for people to read.

Works with ChatGPT

HARPA AI talks to ChatGPT to help it write in a smart way. ChatGPT understands what you want to say and helps make your writing sound more like a person wrote it.

Does Jobs Automatically

This AI Tool is able to do tasks on the web without needing you to do anything. It can check if things are in stock, watch other websites, get information from YouTube videos, and make websites easier to use.

Keep Your Stuff Private

This Unique Tool runs on your own computer, so it doesn’t send your information anywhere. When it needs help from ChatGPT, it is all done safely, so your stuff stays private.

HARPA AI is a great tool that helps with web work by making special commands, using different writing styles, working with ChatGPT, doing jobs on its own, and keeping your information safe. By using this Advanced Tool you can make your web tasks easier and your writing more awesome!

What are the different pricing plans for HARPA AI?

Basic S Plan

The Basic S Plan starts at $12 per month when paid yearly. It includes features like CloudGPT connection, cloud command storage, chat history, and more.

Gold Plan

The Gold Plan starts at $99 per month. It offers extra features and benefits for those who need more.

Enterprise Plan

If you need something bigger for your company, you can contact sales to get a customized plan and quote. This plan is for larger organizations with special needs.

Free Tie

HARPA AI also has a free tier. It lets you try out some features before deciding if you want to pay for more.


Megatokens are used when you send chat requests on the fast Harpa Cloud GPT Model. Each Megatoken is like having 1 million GPT-3.5 input tokens. This helps you keep track of how much you’re using and how much it costs.

These pricing plans are for all kinds of users, whether you’re a person or a big company. They give you options and let you scale up as you need.

Special Features of the HARPA AI Enterprise Plan for Big Companies 

The Enterprise Plan for HARPA AI has extra features for big companies:

  • Custom Plans: Big companies get plans made just for them. This makes sure the plan fits their needs perfectly.
  • Can Grow with You: This plan is made to work for big companies that need a lot of help. It gives more support to handle big operations.
  • Talk to Sales for a Price: To get this plan, you have to talk to the sales team. They’ll give you a price. This way, the plan can be made just right for your company.
  • Solutions Made for You: This plan offers special solutions that aren’t in the regular plan. It gives extra help and features to handle big company needs.
  • Lots of Useful Stuff: The Enterprise Plan has many features to help large companies work better. It helps them do more and work smarter.

The  Enterprise Plan for HARPA AI has special features to help big companies. It gives them what they need to work better and handle their big tasks easily.


HARPA AI is a helpful tool for doing lots of things online. It can write, translate, plan trips, fix grammar, make your LinkedIn profile better, and do many more tasks. The best thing is, it works with different websites and can understand what’s on them. You can even make it do things automatically. There are different plans you can choose from, depending on what you need. If you just want to try it out, there is a free version.

But if you want more features, you can get the Basic S plan for $12 per month. There is also a special plan called X for Everyone, which costs $120 for life. One cool thing about HARPA AI is that it keeps your information safe. It doesn’t collect your browsing history or any other personal data. Plus, it is easy to use and helps you get things done faster. So, if you want to make your online life easier and safer, this Improved Tool is a good choice. It helps you do more in less time, all while keeping your information private.

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