How To Link Psn To Steam Helldivers 2?

In 2024, Arrowhead Game Studios launched Helldivers 2, a third-person shooter game. It offers cooperative multiplayer for up to four players. 

The game has surpassed 8 million units in sales within its initial two months on the market.

Helldivers 2 also introduces a perpetual battle pass system, ensuring players’ rewards never expire. Throughout gameplay, players can earn various in-game currencies.  

As players accumulate experience and advance in levels, they unlock new weapons and Stratagems for mission employment. 

What is Helldivers 2 Player Count? 

The data from helldivers 2 steam charts provides insights about helldivers 2 player count. Last 24 hours peak player count is 113,411. All time peak count is 458,208 and 55,984 players were playing the game one hour ago. 

MonthAverage Helldivers 2 Player Count Peak Player Count 
Last 30 days132,593.6333,751
April 2024142,853.6333,751
March 2024217,045.6437,818
Februrary 2024274,304.5458,208

Is Helldivers 2 Crossplay? 

Helldivers 2 allows crossplay functionality which enables players on PS5 and PC platforms to unite in gameplay. This feature lets gamers team up regardless of their chosen gaming platform.

To start the cross-platform adventures with friends, it’s essential to activate crossplay first. The steps for that are – 

  • Navigate to the Options menu
  • Select Gameplay.
  • Now here, you’ll find the option to enable crossplay. Do it. 

Once enabled, you’ll be ready to crossplay with your mates.

After enabling crossplay, head over to the Social menu for further interaction. Here, you’ll discover a list featuring your current friends, recent gaming partners, pending friend requests, and any blocked players.

Those who want to team up across PS5 and PC (Steam) platforms, simply scroll to the bottom of the list. 

There, you’ll encounter the option to generate a Friend Code. Click on it. Then, your unique eight-digit code will appear. Share this code with your friends. 

They have to enter this code in the search bar of the social menu. After this, your friend’s profile will appear among the search results. Simply select their profile and proceed to send a friend request. That’s it. Now, they can join you. 

How to Link Psn to Steam? 

Arrowhead, the game’s developer, has mandated linking their Steam accounts with the PlayStation Network (PSN) for players. This was previously optional. But now, it has been mandated for security reasons.  

This requirement has left many players feeling uncertain about the process. Are you one of them? Fear not! Below, you’ll find a step-by-step walkthrough on how to link your Steam account to the PlayStation Network – 

  • If you don’t have a psn account, sign up first. 
  • Start any PlayStatiom studios game. Once you do that, you’ll be asked to connect your PlayStation account to Steam.
  • After this, a QR code and a link to log into the PSN will appear. 
  • Click the link will direct you to a browser window where they can input your PSN login credentials. 
  • Once the necessary information is provided, the PlayStation and Steam accounts will be successfully linked. 

How to Apply for Helldivers 2 Refund? 

If you wish to request a refund for your purchase of the game, please follow the appropriate steps based on the storefront where you made the purchase.

If you bought the game through Sony on the PS5, you can contact them directly through this link:

If you purchased the game on Steam, you can initiate a refund by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Steam account.
  2. Click on ‘Help‘ and then hit ‘Steam Support‘.
  3. Choose ‘Purchases‘.
  4. Locate the game you wish to return (you may need to select the “view complete purchase history” option).
  5. Select ‘I would like a refund‘.
  6. Smash on ‘I’d like to request a refund’.
  7. Hit your preferred refund method.
  8. Finally, click ‘Submit Request‘.

Helldivers 2 Reddit 

Helldivers 2 on Reddit is currently a hotbed of discussion due to a recent decision by the developers. 

There are two main subreddits for Helldivers 2: r/Helldivers and r/helldivers2. Both are seeing active discussions.

Helldivers 2 Discord

There is an official Helldivers 2 Discord server. The official Discord server is called “HELLDIVERS™ Official Discord.” Here’s the link to it –

To join  the server, click on this click and then select “accept invite.” That’s it to be a part of the server. 

Helldivers 2 Twitter

There are many helldivers 2 twitter handles that you can follow to remain updated about the announcement and other game related things. 

The links to the official one is –

Apart from this one, there are many other twitter pages too which you follow to get helldivers 2 content. The links to some are – 

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