How To Turn Off Meta AI Instagram In 2024?

What is Meta AI on Instagram?

Meta AI is a feature on Instagram that uses artificial intelligence to suggest search results, accounts, and content material. It is like a private assistant that attempts to guess what you’re looking for. 

Why Turn Off Meta AI?

You might need to turn off Meta AI in case you locate it distracting, annoying, or if you’re worried about privacy and data usage. Whatever your motive, you can modify your settings to reduce its presence.

Can You Completely Turn Off Meta AI?

Unfortunately, no. You can’t completely turn off Meta AI on Instagram. But you can modify your search settings and use some workarounds to reduce its impact.

Modifying Search Settings

Step 1: Access Instagram Settings

  •  Open the Instagram app
  •  Tap your profile icon (bottom right)
  •  Tap the three horizontal lines (≡) for Settings

Step 2: Navigate to Search Settings

  •  Scroll down and tap “Search
  •  Tap “Search settings

Step 3: Adjust Search Preferences

  •  Toggle off “Search suggestions” to reduce Meta AI’s influence
  • You can also adjust other settings, like filtering search results or hiding accounts

Alternative Search Methods

Using the Classic Search Bar

  •  Instead of using the search bar with Meta AI, try using the classic search bar at the top of the page
  •  Type your query and press Enter for traditional search results

Using Instagram’s “Search without AI” Feature

  •  Instagram occasionally offers a “Search without AI” option at the bottom of the search results page
  •  If available, tap on this link to see traditional search results without Meta AI’s influence

Additional Tips

Clear Search History

  • Go to Instagram Settings > Search > Clear search history
  • This will remove previous searches and reduce Meta AI’s suggestions

Limit Instagram Data Usage

  •  Go to Instagram Settings > Account > Data usage
  •  Adjust settings to limit data usage and reduce Meta AI’s impact

Take Control of Your Instagram Experience.

While you can’t completely turn off Meta AI, you can modify your settings and use workarounds to minimize its presence. Take control of your Instagram experience and search the way you want.

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