How To Turn Off Meta AI On Facebook In 2024?

Meta AI as a helpful friend on Facebook. It is like having someone smart by your side to find things quickly. But sometimes, you might not want its help. That’s okay! You can change your Facebook settings to control how much Meta AI helps you. It is like deciding when you want advice from a friend.

You have the power to make Meta AI less noticeable if you want. By adjusting your settings, you can enjoy Facebook without it bothering you all the time. So, if Meta AI isn’t what you like, don’t worry. You can change your settings and make Facebook more comfortable for you. After all, it is your Facebook enjoyment, and you must revel in it your way.

What’s Meta AI?

Meta AI is like a smart helper on Facebook. It checks what you type and tries to guess what you want. Then, it shows suggestions to help you find things faster. Think of Meta AI as a friendly buddy. Whenever you search for something, it jumps in to help. It is like having a friend who knows what you need before you finish typing. When you are searching on Facebook, Meta AI is there to guide you. It doesn’t wait for you to finish typing – It is proactive.

It gives suggestions to save you time and effort. In short, Meta AI is your virtual helper on Facebook. It is always ready to assist you in finding things quickly. So, next time you are on Facebook and need a hand, remember that Meta AI is there to make your life easier.

Can you Completely Turn Off Meta AI 

You can’t fully remove Meta AI from Facebook. However, you can tweak your settings to reduce its impact. Instead of being annoyed by it, you can make it less noticeable. So, while you can’t bid Meta AI farewell completely, you can definitely make it less bothersome by adjusting your settings.

Reasons to Disable Meta AI

Many people find Meta AI bothersome because it keeps suggesting things. They like searching without interruptions. Others worry about privacy and don’t want Facebook to collect too much information about them. Whatever your reason, you can make Meta AI less bothersome.

Bothersome Suggestions

Meta AI is like a friend who always interrupts with suggestions. Though it means well, some find it intrusive. They prefer searching without someone constantly watching.

Privacy Concerns

Many people care a lot about their privacy. They worry that Meta AI is gathering too much information about them. They want to keep what they do online to themselves and don’t like the idea of Facebook knowing everything about them.

Taking Control

But you are not powerless against Meta AI. You can change your settings to make it less nosy. That way, you can have more privacy and enjoy using Facebook without being bothered too much.

Modifying Search Setting 

To change your search settings on Facebook, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Access Facebook Setting

Log in for your Facebook account. Look for the 3 lines inside the top corner of the display and click on on them. Then, choose “Settings.”

Step 2: Find Search Settings

Scroll down until you see “Search” on the left-hand side. Click on it, and then choose “Search settings” from the list.

Step 3: Change Search Settings

When you are searching, look at the settings. You can find a part called “Search results.” You can switch off the choice that says “Get search suggestions.” This makes Meta AI bother you less and gives you more say in your search. Also, you can check out other settings, like filtering search results, to make Facebook work better for you.

With these easy steps, you can adjust your search settings on Facebook to fit what you like and make Meta AI less annoying.

Alternative Search Method 

If you don’t like the fancy smart search bar, you can go old school. Just use the regular search bar on the top of the page. Type in what you are searching out and hit Enter. You can get regular search results without any fancy AI. Facebook also gives you another option called “Search without AI.” Sometimes, you can find this link at the bottom of the page.

If you see it, just click on it. Then, Facebook will show you plain search results without any help from Meta AI. So, if you prefer things simple and straightforward, these alternative search methods are for you. Whether you want to use the regular search bar or choose Facebook’s “Search without AI” feature, you have options to make your search experience easier.


In the end, you can’t completely turn off Meta AI, but you can make it less strong. By changing your settings and trying out different ways to search, you can make Facebook fit what you like. So, even though Meta AI might still be there, you can make it bother you less and still have fun on Facebook in your own style.

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