Krea AI: Upscale, Enhancer & Real time AI Image generator!

Krea AI is basically a cool tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you create stuff visually. Imagine it like a super assistant for your imagination. It is available as a website and even a phone app, so you can use it on your computer or phone. It’s a great tool for designers, artists, or anyone who wants to bring their ideas to life visually. 

Features of Krea AI 

Krea ai offers you many amazing features like ai art library,  image creation and more but it all depends on the plan you have. Now, let’s dive into its main features – 

1. AI Art Library:

This library is where you can browse through a massive collection of images created by two main sources:

  • Other Krea Users: See what kind of cool stuff people are making with Krea AI. You might find something that sparks an idea for your own project.
  • Different AI Models: Krea AI offers access to various AI models, each with its own artistic strengths. Browsing creations from these models can help you discover new visual styles you might like.

Searching within this library is super helpful. You can use:

  • Keywords: Search for things like “cats,” “spaceships,” or “fantasy landscapes.”
  • Styles: Look for images in specific artistic styles like “pixel art,” “watercolor,” or “surreal.”
  • Artist Names: If you find someone’s work particularly inspiring, you can search for more creations by them.

2. Creating Images with AI

This is where Krea AI truly shines! It has two key features to help you bring your ideas to life:

  • Text-to-Image: This is Krea’s core strength. You basically act like a director, describing what you want in English. The more details you provide, the better Krea can understand your vision. 
  • Real-time Editing: Unlike other AI art tools that take time to process your request, Krea is super responsive. As you refine your description (adding details, changing elements), you’ll see the image on the screen update almost instantly. This lets you experiment quickly and get the image exactly how you want it. 

3. Train Your Own AI (Paid Plans):

This feature is like having a personal AI artist who learns your style. It’s available with paid subscriptions and lets you train a custom AI model on a specific style of art that you like. You can feed it images you find inspiring, and over time, the AI will learn to generate new images that mimic that style.

However, this advanced feature isn’t available in the free tier. You have to buy the AI’s subscription.

4. Editing and Enhancing Images

Krea AI goes beyond just creating new images, it can also improve your existing ones:

  • Upscale & Enhance (Free & Paid Plans): This feature can:
    • Sharpen blurry photos: Fix grainy or out-of-focus images and make them look crisper.
    • Increase resolution: Enhance the detail level of your photos, making them suitable for printing at higher resolutions.
    • Remove unwanted objects: You can erase things you don’t want in your picture.
  • AI Enhancer (Paid Plans): This more advanced tool (available only with paid subscriptions) gives you  control over how your image looks. You can:
    • Adjust detail level: Make your image more detailed or give it a softer, dreamlike quality.
    • Stylize your image: Transform your photo to look like a painting, a sketch, or even a pixel art creation.
    • Fine-tune other artistic effects: Experiment with various options to achieve the exact visual look you desire.

5. Mobile App (Free & Paid Plans):

Krea AI isn’t just a website; it brings its creative power to your mobile devices as well! Here’s what the Mobile App offers:

  • Convenience on the Go: Carry your AI art studio in your pocket. You can brainstorm ideas, describe what you want with text prompts, and generate images anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Full Creative Canvas: The mobile app provides a full-featured interface for creating and editing images. 
  • Subscription Compatibility: Whether you’re using the free plan or a paid subscription, the same features and functionalities are available within the mobile app.

6. Community AI Trainings

Krea AI fosters a creative community. This feature leverages the power of that community:

  • Shared Knowledge: Other Krea users can train their own AI models on specific artistic styles. These “community-trained” models become accessible to everyone.
  • Explore Different Styles: Browse through a collection of AI models trained by the community. This allows you to experiment with various artistic styles beyond what Krea offers by default. 
  • Limited Access (Free Plan): While the free plan allows you to see community-trained models, you might have limitations on how many times you can use them to generate images. Paid plans likely offer more freedom to explore these community creations.

7. Dark Mode:

For some users, a dark interface can be easier on the eyes, especially during long creative sessions. Krea AI offers:

  • Comfortable Environment: Switch to a dark theme for both the canvas (where your image is displayed) and the user interface (menus, buttons, etc.). This can reduce eye strain and fatigue, especially in low-light conditions.
  • Free and Accessible: This feature is available to everyone, regardless of whether you’re on a free plan or a paid subscription.

8. Real Time Editor:

This feature makes Krea AI a powerful tool for interactive image creation:

  • Direct Canvas Editing: Unlike some AI art generators where you have to wait for the entire image to be generated before making changes, Krea lets you edit directly on the canvas.
  • Refine as You Go: As you type in your text description, the image on the canvas updates almost instantly. This allows you to see the impact of your wording changes in real-time and make adjustments as needed.
  • Experimentation Playground: The real-time editor lets you play around with different descriptions and see the results immediately. This is a great way to explore creative possibilities and discover unexpected visual outcomes.

Is Purchasing Krea AI worth it? 

Well, it totally depends on your expectations from the ai. It offers many features for free but provides restricted access to them. So go through the differences and then decide if buying it is worth it. 

The following are some of the differences – 

1- Number of Image Generations:

Imagine Krea AI has a limited number of “magic image creation machines” running.

  • Free Plan: This tier gives you a set number of “generations” per day.  Once you reach that limit, you’ll have to wait until the next day to generate more.
  • Paid Plans: These offer a higher number of image generations per month. This gives you more freedom to create and experiment with your ideas.

2. Compute Time

Creating complex images with lots of detail requires more processing power from Krea’s AI.

  • Free Plan: This tier has a limited amount of “compute time” per day. This means there’s a limit on how complex the images you can generate. 
  • Paid Plans: These offer more compute hours per month. This allows you to generate more intricate and detailed images that might not be possible with the free plan’s limitations.

3. Image Resolution

The resolution refers to the sharpness and detail of the generated image.

  • Free Plan: The free tier might limit the resolution of the images you can generate. This means they might appear pixelated or blurry if you try to enlarge them.
  • Paid Plans: These allow you to generate images in higher resolutions. This is ideal if you plan to print your creations or need them for high-definition displays.

4. Priority Jobs (Paid Plans Only):

With the free plan or the lower tiers of paid plans, your image generation request gets placed in the queue with everyone else’s. This means you might have to wait a bit depending on how busy Krea’s AI is.

But the higher-tier paid plans lets you push your image generation request to the front of the queue. 

5. Early Access to New Features:

With the free plan or lower paid tiers, you get access to the current publicly available features.

But higher paid plans might offer early access to new features still under development. This lets you be among the first to try out these cutting-edge functionalities before they’re rolled out to everyone. 

6. AI Video Generation:

This feature allows you to create short videos using AI. It is still under development and currently, it’s only available in beta and might be restricted to certain paid plans.

7. Private Mode 

This feature is not yet available but offers privacy control for your creations. Higher paid plans might offer a private mode in the future. This would allow you to keep your creations hidden from the public eye. 

Krea Open Beta

Krea open beta was a significant event that allowed the public to try out their AI image generation tool for free. It likely served a few key purposes:

  • Gather Feedback: By releasing an open beta, Krea AI received valuable user feedback on their platform. This feedback helps the developers identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. 
  • Generate Interest: Krea ai open beta created a buzz around it, attracting new users and getting people excited about the possibilities of AI-generated visuals. 
  • Test Scalability: An open beta helps Krea AI test its infrastructure under real-world conditions with a larger user base. 

Krea AI Tool Pattern 

Krea ai tool Pattern feature allows you to generate unique patterns using the power of AI. It is accessible through the “Apps” section on the Krea AI website.

How does it work?

You can use text prompts to describe the kind of pattern you want. And then,  the AI will use your prompt to generate a unique and visually interesting pattern.

Potential Uses of krea ai tool pattern

It can help in – 

  • Creating custom wallpapers or backgrounds, 
  • Generating seamless textures for 3D modeling or graphic design projects
  • Designing unique fabrics or wrapping paper,
  • Adding a decorative touch to presentations or social media posts.

Benefits of Krea Ai pattern

  • Saves time and effort compared to manually creating complex patterns.
  • Allows for experimentation and exploration of different design styles.
  • Provides access to a vast range of creative possibilities.


  • The level of detail and complexity you can achieve might depend on your text prompt and your subscription plan.

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