Perplexity AI vs Chatgpt: App, Stock & Chrome Extension!

Perplexity AI is a smart search tool that helps you find answers using natural language. It came out in 2022. This Improved AI Tool gives answers by reading info from the internet and showing where it got the info from. There’s a free version and a paid version called Perplexity Pro. The paid one gives you access to fancier tools like GPT-4 and others. Andy Konwinski, Denis Yarats, Johnny Ho, and Aravind Srinivas started it. Lots of people use it every month, about 10 million.

They’ve gotten $100 million in funding as of 2024. What makes this AI special is that it understands what you’re asking for, gives you personalized results, sums up info for you, and shows where it found the info.

Perplexity AI vs ChatGPT


It gets information from the internet, schools, and news. It shares accurate details and shows where it got them from. But ChatGPT uses old internet data, which might not be true anymore.


This Unique AI has a free version with fewer options. Its Pro Plan costs $20/month. With this plan, you get all features, longer answers, and tips tailored to you. ChatGPT has a basic version for free, and ChatGPT Plus is $49/month. With Plus, you get advanced features and can use GPT-4 and extra tools.


This Enhanced Tool focuses on giving true info with sources. It’s good for finding what’s right and has quick search options. ChatGPT is good at talking but might give wrong info that sounds true. For trustworthy answers, people prefer it.

Chat Skills

ChatGPT is better at talking than Perplexity AI. It’s very good at chatting like a person and can talk about many things. It’s top-notch for casual chats and more.

Who Likes Them

People who need exact info like Perplexity AI. It helps with studies and finding clear answers. ChatGPT is liked by many because it can do lots of things, from chatting to making content.

Choosing between this Enhanced AI and ChatGPT depends on what you want. Perplexity AI is for those who need correct info and proof. It’s great for studies and clear answers. ChatGPT is better if you want to chat or do different things. It’s good for many uses.

Perplexity AI App

Perplexity AI App

Perplexity AI is a smart tool that helps you find information easily. It has different parts like a desktop app and mobile apps for Android and iPhones. The desktop app lets you move smoothly between two websites. It works on any device like computers and phones. The mobile app, “Perplexity – Ask Anything,” is on both the App Store and Google Play. You can use it on iPhones and Android phones. This app connects to different devices and uses smart AI like GPT-4 and Claude 2 to help you understand things better.

Perplexity AI gives you the latest and correct information. It’s great for finding answers and exploring new things. With features like Perplexity Copilot, you can search deeper. Plus, you can ask questions by talking or typing. The app keeps track of what you find, so it’s easy to go back to.

This Superb Tool is a helpful tool with a desktop app and mobile apps for Android and iPhones. It uses smart AI to give you the right information, making it perfect for learning and exploring new ideas.

Perplexity AI Stock

Perplexity AI, Inc. is a company that got a lot of money from some people who believe in it. These people include NVIDIA Corporation and Jeff Bezos. They gave the company $73.6 million, which they got on January 4, 2024. After getting this money, the company was said to be worth $520 million.

The main investor in this funding round was Institutional Venture Partners, but there were also other investors like Kindred Ventures LLC, Factorial Funds LLC, Bezos Expeditions, LLC, Bessemer Venture Partners, Institutional New Enterprise Associates, In Databricks Ventures, and some individuals like Elad Gil, Tobi Lutke, Nat Friedman, Guillermo Rauch, Nvidia, Jeff Bezos (who invested through Bezos Expeditions), Naval Ravikant, Balaji Srinivasan, and Guillermo Rauch.

Perplexity AI Chrome Extension

Perplexity AI made a tool called “Perplexity – AI Search” for Google Chrome. It helps you search better and connects you to Perplexity AI. This tool makes searching fast and gives clear answers. It’s good for exploring the web without any mess.

One cool thing about this tool is Copilot. It’s like having a buddy to search with you. Also, there’s Perplexity Pro. It uses smart AI like GPT-4 and Claude 2. But some people don’t like it because it changes their startup settings and might not keep their privacy safe.

This Latest Tool wants to give you the right info when you need it. So, they made this tool helpful for finding new things and satisfying your curiosity. Plus, there’s a library to keep all your discoveries organized. Just remember, while the “Perplexity – AI Search” tool can help a lot, it’s important to think about your privacy and settings.


In conclusion, Perplexity AI is a smart and strong AI system. It has many uses, like a computer app, phone apps, and a tool for Google Chrome. It helps you find information well, with cool stuff like GPT-4 and Claude 2. Plus, it has a Copilot to help you search with others. This Super AI makes it easy for people to get and sort information. Whether you want to make browsing better, learn new things, or find stuff quickly, this Advanced Tool has what you need. Also, it keeps getting better with updates, so you’re always up to date with the latest in AI-powered info finding.

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