Registeel Pokemon Go: Everything You Need To Know!

Registeel is a legendary Steel-type Pokemon currently available in five-star raids as of April 25, 2024. It is a strategic Pokemon. Curious to know more about this newly added pokemon? Here are the details you may be looking for about registeel pokemon go. Just read on 

Registeel Resistance in Pokemon Go

Registeel boast an impressive defensive advantage due to their resistance to ten different types! Those are – 

  • Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, Grass, Flying, Fairy, Psychic, Poison, and Dragon.

This extensive resistance makes it an incredibly versatile defender. It can stand its ground against a wide range of attackers, taking reduced damage and lasting longer in battle.

While its resistance is impressive, it’s not absolute. Fire, Fighting, and Ground-type moves are super effective against it. So, a well-placed Fire Blast or Close Combat can Registeel in trouble.

Benefits of Steel-type Resistance

Dragon Slayers: Dragons are generally powerful Pokemon with strong attacks. However, Steel-type Pokemon resist Dragon-type moves, making them ideal counters for these formidable foes.

Fairy Fighters: Fairy-type Pokemon, known for their strong presence in the Great League, deal significantly less damage to Steel-types. This allows Steel-type Pokemon to compete effectively in that league.

Broad Coverage: The resistance to Grass, Normal, Rock, and Ice-type moves further bolsters Steel-type defenses, making them difficult to take down with common moves.

Registeel Weaknesses in Pokemon Go

Registeel, the legendary Steel-type titan, may boast incredible defences, but it’s not invincible. It has triple weakness to Fighting, Ground, and Fire-type moves. This means these attacks deal a 160% more damage than usual.

  • Fighting-type: Strong Fighting-type Pokemon like Reshiram, Terrakion, Lucario, and Machamp can tear through Registeel’s defenses. Their Fighting-type moves deal significant super effective damage, making them ideal counters in raids.
  • Ground-type: Ground-type Pokemon like Groudon (Primal), Excadrill, and Landorus-Therian also pose a major threat. 
  • Fire-type: Fire-type Pokemon like Reshiram (again!), Moltres, and Blaziken can be effective as well. Although they might not be quite as dominant as Fighting or Ground-type attackers.

Why Are These Types Super Effective?

Fighting moves represent the raw power to break through tough defenses, which is precisely what Registeel relies on.

Ground-type moves often simulate powerful earthquakes or tremors, which can destabilize even the most substantial steel structures.

Fire-type moves represent intense heat, which can melt or weaken steel.

Registeel’s Stats Breakdown

  • HP (Hit Points): Registeel boasts a base HP stat of 270. This translates to a high maximum health pool, allowing it to absorb a significant amount of damage before fainting.
  • Attack: Registeel’s base Attack stat is only 143
  • Defense: its base Defense stat is a staggering 274. This makes it incredibly resistant to incoming attacks, allowing it to take hits and keep battling.
  • Special Attack & Special Defense: Both Registeel’s Special Attack (139) and Special Defense (274) stats are respectable. These stats ensure Registeel can handle special attacks decently and avoid getting blown away by strong special moves.
  • Speed: Registeel’s Achilles’ heel is its Speed stat, with a base of only 94. This means it will likely attack last in most matchups, putting it at a disadvantage against faster Pokemon.

How to get Registeel pokemon go? 

While it isn’t currently obtainable through normal means like catching in the wild or hatching from eggs, here’s how you might encounter it – 

Getting it Registeel from Raids:

Your primary chance to get a Registeel is by defeating it as a five-star raid boss. Keep an eye out for raid eggs appearing at Gyms and participate in these raid battles with other trainers.

But due to its high defense and Registeel’s resistance to many common types, defeating it solo can be challenging. Teamwork is crucial to be victorious in these raids.

Once you defeat Registeel in a raid, you’ll get a chance to catch it using Premier Balls.  

Other Possible Encounters (Speculative):

  • Legendary Spawns (Future Events): While not confirmed, Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, may introduce future events where legendary Pokemon like Registeel appear outside of raids.
  • Special Research Rewards: It’s highly unlikely that Registeel will be a reward for Special Research tasks due to its legendary status. However, Niantic might introduce special research featuring Regirock or Regice, the other two Regis.

What are the strategies you can use to get Registeel? 

Here are some strategies you can use to increase their chances of getting Registeel in Pokemon Go:

# Focus on Five-Star Raids

  • Regularly check the in-game raid schedule or use community resources to see when Registeel raid eggs appear at nearby Gyms.
  • Look for online communities or local Pokemon Go groups to connect with other trainers and organize raid battles. This ensures you have enough people to defeat Registeel.
  • Build a strong team of Fire, Ground, and Fighting-type Pokemon with high attack stats and moves that exploit Registeel’s weaknesses.
  • Shorten Raid Time: If your team defeats Registeel quickly, everyone participating will receive additional Premier Balls. 
  • Use Golden Razz Berries: During the catch encounter after defeating Registeel, use Golden Razz Berries to increase your catch rate significantly. These berries are rare, so use them wisely! 

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