Tesla Supercharger Layoffs & Team: All You Need To Know!

A Tesla Supercharger is a direct current (DC) fast-charging station specifically designed for Tesla electric vehicles (EVs). It allows Tesla drivers to quickly recharge their batteries while on long trips.

It can add up to 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes, making it significantly faster than traditional AC charging stations.

Tesla operates a large network of Supercharger stations around the world, with over 6,000 stations and nearly 55,000 connectors as of January 2024.

It is constantly expanding its Supercharger network. 

Tesla Superchargers are the backbone of Tesla’s long-distance travel strategy. This network of fast-charging stations keeps Tesla vehicles topped up on electricity. 

But recently, Tesla supercharger layoffs are in the news. Have you heard about it? Today, we are gonna discuss Tesla layoffs. So if you wanna know what happened, read further buddies! 

Tesla News About Layoffs

Following the recent layoff of over 10% of its worldwide employees, Tesla is now cutting more jobs, which includes senior executives and long-serving members of the company. 

Notably, Tesla layoff Supercharger team including the executive responsible for negotiating NACS adoption across the industry. 

The layoffs began last week and were extensive. Employees from various departments within the company are fired. 

At Gigafactory Texas, production shifts were reduced, and several teams linked to key projects were disbanded, leading to the dismissal of significant executives.

Drew Baglino, the former VP of Powertrain and Energy Engineering at Tesla, who had been with the company for 18 years was among those let go. Although his departure is officially described as voluntary. 

During the initial round of tesla.layoffs, the company also bid farewell to Rohan Patel, a key executive responsible for policy and business development. Additionally, the company also laid off its entire advertising team.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, recently announced further layoffs via an email to executives. The email disclosed that Rebecca Tinucci, Senior Director of EV charging at Tesla, along with nearly all of her 500-person charging team, will be leaving the company. 

Tinucci played a significant role in Tesla’s EV charging business, including Supercharging. The decision to cut the Supercharger team might indicate a shift in direction for Tesla. 

The email clarified that Tesla will continue to construct some new Superchargers and complete those already under construction. However, laying off may suggest a slowdown in expanding the system at a time. 

Daniel Ho has also been laid off. Ho played a crucial role as program manager for the Model S, 3, and Y. Additionally, most of the public policy team formerly led by Rohan Patel will be eliminated. 

Musk emphasized his determination for Tesla to pursue an “absolutely hard core” approach to reducing headcount. He made it clear that executives whose subordinates fail to meet the standards of excellence, necessity, and trustworthiness would also face dismissal. 

Tesla’s layoffs coincide with a broader trend in the tech industry, where many companies are also downsizing their workforce. This appears to be a case of following the leader as industry profits remain high.

Tesla Layoffs Reddit Discussions 

Reddit is full of discussions about Tesla layoffs, specifically regarding the Tesla Supercharger team. 

While there isn’t a subreddit specifically dedicated to these discussions, there are several subreddits where discussions might be happening. Here are a few options to explore:

  • r/TeslaLounge
  • r/teslamotors
  • r/RealTesla

It’s important to be aware that Reddit discussions can be subjective and might not always be based on factual information. 

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