Tom Brady: The Greatest Roast of All Time

Tom Brady’s Roast on Netflix was a funny show where comedians and famous people tease the well-known NFL player. Kevin Hart hosted the event, and surprise guests also joined in. It was part of the 2024 Netflix Is a Joke Festival. This Elite show was shown live on May 5, 2024. They joked about Brady’s life, job decisions, and time in the NFL. Some jokes talked about his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen and his kids, which Brady didn’t like. One joke about the New England Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft, was too much for Brady. He stayed calm and didn’t get involved, showing good sportsmanship throughout.

Tom Brady’s Roast Ticket and Availability

Tickets for this event were sold on other ticket websites like Vivid Seats and Viagogo.

Vivid Seats Price 

On Vivid Seats, tickets cost $72 for seats in the 200-level, $144 for seats in the 100-level, and $206 for seats on the floor (before extra charges).

Viagogo Availability 

On Viagogo, the website had only parking passes for the Netflix Is a Joke Fest – Greatest Roast of All Time – Tom Brady event.

Current Tickets Status 

Tickets were still up for sale on these websites, but the prices might have changed.

Tom Brady’s Roast Lineup


Kevin Hart led the event with his quick wit and lively spirit, making everyone feel at home.

Main Comedians

  • Nikki Glaser: Nikki Glaser, known for her sharp humor, had the audience bursting with laughter at her clever jokes.
  • Tony Hinchcliffe: Tony Hinchcliffe didn’t shy away from any topic, bringing edgy comedy to the stage.
  • Sam Jay: Sam Jay’s unique perspective and bold style made her stand out and kept the audience engaged.
  • Bert Kreischer: Bert Kreischer’s big personality filled the room with laughter.
  • Jeff Ross: Jeff Ross, the ‘roastmaster general,’ masterfully orchestrated the comedic chaos.
  • Tom Segura and Andrew Schulz also joined in the fun.

Additional Comedians

Will Ferrell, playing Ron Burgundy, added hilarity to the mix, making the night truly unforgettable.

Memorable Jokes During Tom Brady’s Netflix 

Most Memorable Joke Made By Jeff Ross

The most memorable joke during Tom Brady’s Netflix roast was the one made by comedian Jeff Ross. This joke was about Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Specifically, Ross joked that when Brady first joined the Patriots. He walked into Robert Kraft’s office.  And he said, ‘I’m the best decision your organization has ever made. Would you like a massage?'” Kraft got in trouble in 2019 for asking for sex from someone he shouldn’t have. A joke about this made Brady uncomfortable, and he squirmed as people laughed. Brady then sternly warned Ross, “Don’t say that s— again.”

Despite this moment, Brady remained composed for the rest of the roast. He continued to laugh at the other jokes directed at him.

Other Notable Jokes 

  • Kevin Hart’s Witty Opener: Kevin Hart kicked off the evening with a wisecrack about Brady’s supporters and the Arena.
  • Nikki Glaser’s Clever Comparison: Nikki Glaser drew laughs by likening Brady to a “twice-divorced seller of health products in Tampa, Florida.”
  • Julian Edelman’s Amusing Remarks: Julian Edelman amused the crowd by referring to Brady as “the former husband of Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend.”
  • Andrew Schulz’s Comic Twist: Andrew Schulz joked that regardless of Brady’s fame, he ultimately became a “twice-divorced purveyor of health supplements in Tampa, Florida.” 

Venue and Seating Capacity for Tom Brady’s Roast

On May 5, 2024, this special event happened at The Kia Forum in Inglewood. Let me share some cool facts about this place:

  • The Kia Forum is where the event took place.
  • It is in Inglewood, a town in California.
  • This venue is significant where exciting things happen. 
  • It has different seating arrangements like half-house, theater style, and end-stage setups.

The Kia Forum is a big place and it can fit around 17,500 people for different events. So, lots of people can come and have fun watching live shows, sports, and other cool content there.

How did Tom Brady Prepare for His Roast?

Tom Brady got ready for his roast by practicing his jokes with many people, even those at Fox Sports. He said his old coach from the Patriots, Bill Belichick, who’s big on getting ready, joined Zoom calls with the writers to get good jokes for the roast. Brady said getting ready for the roast is like getting ready for a football game. You gotta be prepared and be able to change plans if needed. Even though there were lots of jokes about him, Brady said he’s all set to have a good time. He compared the roast to the fun teasing he got in the locker room during his career.


The Tom Brady roast was a fun night during the “Netflix is a Joke” festival. Kevin Hart hosted it, and many funny people made jokes about Brady, his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Some jokes got a bit serious, especially when they talked about Kraft. But Brady and Kraft showed they’re still good friends. The night was a mix of laughter and respect. Brady took the jokes well, but he didn’t like one that hit too close to home. Overall, the roast showed how comedy brings people together, even athletes and entertainers.

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