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Which state in Nigeria has the most money? The answer lies in the GDP, which measures the value of all goods and services produced· Nigeria is rich in natural resources and skilled people, which could make it a powerful country· However, there are leadership issues leading to mismanagement· Despite this, some states are wealthy enough to almost function without federal support· Nigeria has 36 states, and the federal government controls mineral resources· This means states rely on the government for finances· Yet, some states have developed systems to generate significant income· 

What’s the Richest State in Nigeria?

Here’s the list of the richest states in Nigeria·

1· Lagos – Number One Wealthy State 

Lagos State is number one on the list of Nigeria’s richest states· This is also the most advanced state in Nigeria· It is in the southwest part of the country· It is 3,577 square kilometers big, and its GDP is $33·68 billion·

Lagos State is really important for Nigeria’s economy· It has Lagos, the biggest city in Nigeria· Lagos is a big financial center· If Lagos were its own country, it would be the fifth richest in Africa· That’s why Lagos is the richest state in Nigeria·

One reason why Lagos makes a lot of money is because it has the busiest seaports in Nigeria· These seaports bring in a lot of business and money to Lagos·

2· Rivers State – A Wealthy Land

Rivers State, located in Nigeria, is a land of riches· It is not only vast, covering an area of 11,077 square kilometers, but also densely populated, with 5·2 million people calling it home· The state’s wealth is evident in its impressive GDP of $21·17 billion· What makes Rivers State truly remarkable is its abundance of natural resources, particularly vast reserves of natural gas and crude oil· In fact, it is responsible for over 60% of Nigeria’s crude oil production·

Adding to its economic prowess, Rivers State received a substantial allocation of 172 billion Naira from the FAAC in 2018, marking it as the third-highest recipient of FAAC funds that year· Additionally, Rivers State boasts the bustling city of Port Harcourt, a vital hub for commerce and trade in the region· With its strategic location and abundant resources, Rivers State stands as a beacon of prosperity in Nigeria·

3· Delta – Third Wealthy State 

Delta State, situated in the southern part of Nigeria, is home to around 4·1 million people· Its economic might shines bright with a GDP soaring at $16·75 billion· Abundant in natural treasures, Delta boasts reserves of limestone, decorative rocks, tar sands, kaolin, lignite, silica, and industrial clay· Furthermore, it harbors one of Nigeria’s vastest caches of crude oil and natural gas, making it the country’s third wealthiest state·

Furthermore, a federal high court in Abuja has decreed that the federal government must disburse an accumulated revenue of $1·638 billion to the state in 2021·

4· Oyo – Super Economic State 

Oyo, a state in Nigeria’s South-Western region, boasts a significant economic standing, ranking among the top 20 wealthiest states in the country· Home to approximately six million people, Oyo’s economy thrives, with a GDP of $16·12 billion· The majority of its workforce is engaged in agriculture, cultivating a variety of crops such as cashews, palm oil, cocoa, plantains, rice, millet, cassava, yams, and corn· Renowned for its agricultural output, Oyo stands as the fourth richest state in Nigeria·

5· Imo – Full With Natural Sources 

Imo, a state in Nigeria’s South-East, boasts a GDP of $14·21 billion· It is loaded with natural treasures like zinc, gas, oil, lead, limestone, fine sand, and white clay· Over 163 oil wells dot Imo’s landscape, with big players like Agip, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron Corporation, and Addax Petroleum calling the shots· These goodies make Imo the fifth wealthiest state in Nigeria· Farming is the primary job here, with folks growing crops like yam, cassava·

6· Kano – Famous for Crops 

Kano, a state in Nigeria, is home to about 11 million people· Its economy is worth around $12·39 billion, making it one of the wealthiest states in Nigeria· Kano is known for producing hides and skins, as well as chili, gum arabic, garlic, cotton, soybeans, and sesame· It is the second biggest city in Nigeria, right after Lagos, and has over four million residents living in an area of 449 square kilometers· Situated in the Sahel, south of the Sahara, Kano plays a crucial role in the trans-Saharan trade route·

7· Edo – Beautiful Tourist Spots 

Edo State, with Benin City as its capital, sits in the southern part of Nigeria· It is home to around 3·5 million people and boasts a GDP of $11·89 billion, making it one of Nigeria’s wealthiest states· Edo is renowned for its tourist spots, like the Emotan Statue in Benin City, as well as the Niger River and Lake Ise Beach in Agenebode· This state is abundant in both people and natural treasures, making it a significant part of Nigeria’s landscape·

8· Akwa Ibom – Learning Treasure 

Akwa Ibom is a state in the southern part of Nigeria· It has a population of 5·5 million people· One special place in Akwa Ibom is the Ibom Library, which is a really good place for learning stuff· The main groups of people living there are Ibibio, Annang, Oron, Eket, and Obolo· Akwa Ibom makes a lot of money, around $11 billion in total· That makes it the eighth richest state in Nigeria·

9· Ogun – Industrial Land

Ogun State, situated in the southwest part of Nigeria, has a population of about four million people· It is famous for having lots of factories, like Procter and Gamble in Agbara, Coleman Cables in Arepo, Lafarge Cement in Ewekoro, and Cemento Dangote in Ibese· Its economy is strong, with a GDP of $11 billion, making it one of the wealthiest states in Nigeria·

10· Kaduna – Variations in Groups of People 

Kaduna is a state in the middle part of Nigeria· It has many people, about 6·1 million· In Kaduna, there are many different groups of people, more than sixty· Kaduna makes a lot of money· Its money is called GDP, and it is $10·33 billion· This makes Kaduna the tenth richest state in Nigeria· Many people in Kaduna work in farming to make money·

11· Cross River – Eleventh Richest State 

Cross River is a state in the southeastern part of Nigeria· It is next to Cameroon· About four million people live there· In Cross River, there are three main groups of people: the Bekwarra, the Ejagham, and the Efik· The total money the state makes is $9·29 billion· This makes Cross River the eleventh richest state in Nigeria·

12· Abia – Strong Economy with Oil and Gas

Abia is a state found in the southern part of Nigeria· It is not too big, covering an area of about 6,320 square kilometers· Around 3 million people live there· Abia is known for its oil and gas production, which is a big part of its economy·

There are lots of oil wells in Abia, more than 100 of them· They pump out around 36,000 barrels of crude oil every single day· That’s a lot of oil· All this oil and gas production adds up to a total GDP of $8·68 billion for Abia· That means Abia is one of the richest states in Nigeria·

13· Ondo State – Ondo Homeland 

Ondo State is found in the southeastern part of Nigeria, covering an area of 15,500 square kilometers· It is home to around 3·5 million people· With a GDP of $8·41 billion, Ondo State ranks as the thirteenth richest state in Nigeria· Various ethnic groups call Ondo home, including Owo, Ondo, Ilaje, Oktipupa, Akure, and Akoko·

14· Osun – The Land of Virtue 

Osun, also known as the Land of Virtue, is a state in the southwest of Nigeria· It is not very big, covering an area of around 9,251 square kilometers· About 4·2 million people live there· Osun’s total money stuff, called GDP, is $7·28 billion· That’s a lot of money· It is one of the richest states in Nigeria·

Most people in Osun are Yoruba· Inside the Yoruba group, there are smaller groups like Igbomina, Ibolo, Oyo, Ijesha, Ife, and Osun· People believe in different things there, but Islam and Christianity are the main ones·

15· Benue – Nigeria’s Food Basket 

Benue is in the South-East of our country· It is about 34,059 square kilometers big· Benue’s total money made (GDP) is $6·86 billion· Around 4,500,000 people live there· Benue is full of farms and fields· That’s why it is one of Nigeria’s richest states·

It calls itself the country’s food basket· It grows lots of things like coconut, sesame, millet, sorghum, soybeans, corn, potatoes, cassava, beans, rice, and yams· Most of Benue’s money comes from farming· Almost 80% of the people there work on farms·

16· Anambra – Second Smallest State After Lagos

Anambra is a state in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria· It is not very big, only about 4,844 square kilometers, making it the second smallest state after Lagos· Most of the people who live there are Igbo· Anambra has a lot of oil and gas, so it is pretty rich· Its GDP is $6·76 billion·

17· Katsina – Islamic State 

Katsina is a place in Nigeria where most people follow Islam· It is rich, with a total money value of $6 billion· This makes it one of the wealthiest states in Nigeria· Katsina sits in the North-West part of Nigeria and is quite small, covering about 24,192 square kilometers· Around 6·5 million people live there, with the majority being Hausa·

18· Niger – Electricity Production House 

Niger is a big state in Northern Nigeria· It is huge, covering 76,363 square kilometers· Even though it is not the most crowded state, it is one of the richest in Nigeria, with a total regional GDP of $6 billion·

About 4,000,000 people live there· Niger has two big hydroelectric power stations: the Shiroro dam and the Kainji dam·

19· Borno – State of Kanuri

Borno, a place in the northeastern part of our country, has a total of $5·18 billion in its economy· Around 6 million people live there· The main group of people in Borno is called Kanuri·

20· Plateau States – Land of Full Entertainment 

The Plateau State is right in the middle of Nigeria and it is about 3,178 square kilometers big· It is like a dreamland for people who love to travel· There are so many cool places to check out there· Like the Wildlife Safari Park, Jos National Museum, Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture, Jos Zoo, Assop Falls, Kurra Falls, Wase Rock, and the Kerang Highlands· The total money made in the region, which is called the GDP, is $5·15 billion·


In conclusion, the list of the richest states in Nigeria shows how wealthy the country is and how much money it can make· It also shows that there are lots of different things that can make money in different parts of Nigeria· This proves that Nigeria has a lot of natural resources and people who are good at starting businesses· This list also shows that Nigeria has a big chance to become a really strong economy in the world in the future· If Nigeria uses its natural resources well, comes up with new ideas, and takes care of the environment, it can become a very important country in the world economy· By doing these things and dealing with the problems it has, like poverty and not enough jobs, Nigeria can make life better for everyone who lives there· With good planning, leadership, and working together, Nigeria can reach its full potential and make sure everyone benefits from its success·


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