Vivian Paper Mario Remake: The Thousand-Year Door Coming to Switch – Release Date & Story Revealed

The Thousand-Year Door has already sold out at several stores, so those who want to get a physical copy for the Nintendo Switch must move quickly. The physical copies of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door have sold out on the online retailer, so anyone hoping to purchase the most recent RPG remake will have to wait for restocking or find another option. The game beat out titles like Dragon’s Dogma 2 to become the top selling on Amazon.

The second Mario RPG remake from Nintendo is called Paper Mario

The Thousand-Year Door. The first was Super Mario RPG, which was originally made available for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and helped to establish the genre for other role-playing games. Recreated for Nintendo’s combination device, Super Mario RPG is regarded as one of the greatest RPGs available on the Switch, having debuted in November 2023. It was expected that Nintendo would release further remakes given its popularity, and on May 23, the GameCube title Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door was selected for release.

The release date of Paper Mario:

The Thousand-Year Door has been scheduled for May 23.

Paper Mario:

The Thousand-Year Door was officially confirmed to have an official release date of May 23, 2024, after an announcement at a September 2023 Nintendo Direct with a teaser showcasing the improved visuals. The Nintendo online store is currently accepting pre-orders for the game’s digital edition, which costs $59.99 USD. It will be a Nintendo exclusive and exclusively playable on the Nintendo Switch system, as is typical with Mario games.

There has been no information as of this writing regarding if a physical release would be made available as well. Considering that the reimagined Mario Vs. Donkey Kong and Super Mario RPG both had physical versions launched in addition to their digital releases, a physical version seems possible.

The Paper Mario Story: TTYD

According to Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario follows Princess Peach to the gritty village of Rogueport after learning that she has discovered a map that points to a lost treasure. After learning that the Princess has been abducted once more, he sets out to rescue Peach and locate the hidden treasure. He makes a lot of colourful friends along the journey, such Goombella, Koops, Yoshi, and others.

Paper Mario: TTYD is a turn-based role-playing game

The Paper Mario series, which differs from the typical platformer genre of previous games, was inspired by the popular Super Mario Bros. titles. Paper Mario: Total Transformation is a turn-based role-playing game that features special skill-equipped party members, timing-based attacks, and more. Throughout the game, Mario and his friends have the option to level up, gaining new skills and fortifying their defences against increasingly challenging battles that arise near the end of the narrative.

New version of Thousand-Year Door, Vivian is canonically transgender

If you’re not aware, Vivian is a transgender woman who identifies as “one of the three shadow sisters” in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Beldam criticises her for this, misunderstanding her repeatedly throughout the game and referring to her as a guy.

Remarkably, Vivian’s transgender identity is not mentioned in the English or German editions of The Thousand-Year Door; this is only the case in the Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and French translations. Instead, Vivian’s gender identification is completely removed from the narrative and Beldam’s transphobia is transformed into remarks about her beauty.

Fans have been wondering about Nintendo’s attitude to this translation alteration ever since the release of the remake of The Thousand-Year Door, and it appears that we now have an explanation. Yesterday, The Mirror released a teaser for the Paper Mario reboot, which featured a screenshot of Marilyn, Bedam, and Vivian making their debut.

Remake of The Thousand-Year Door Adjustments  From the Beginning

Before it is released, TTYD was not the same as the 2004 original release of the game. The game’s improved graphics, which were completely redesigned for the Nintendo Switch, give it a livelier appearance, particularly in the backgrounds. Better animations have been added to Paper Mario’s paper-style character artwork, even if it doesn’t actually need to be updated.

Although not much information has been released as of writing, Nintendo has stated in the description of their explore page that the “suitable of additional changes” and “updated features” would include. Mario Vs. Donkey Kong is one example of how Nintendo has a strong history of improving games without sacrificing the core gameplay.

At the release of the much-anticipated Switch 2, the company is now releasing remakes of a number of its older games.  Paper Mario: Total Time Dilemma is an iconic game with a devoted fan following. Because of its RPG components, gameplay, and plot, it is usually compared to more modern Paper Mario titles. The highly anticipated version of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for the Nintendo Switch has been waiting for players to enjoy it for almost a year, even before it was officially unveiled.

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