What is Weopi AI & How to use it? Complete Tutorial

Weopi Ai is an AI tool offers a suite of AI tools designed to simplify and enhance your digital experience. Today, we are gonna discuss what this website offers in detail. So let’s get started – 

Homepage of Weopi AI

When you move to weopi.com, you will see a search box that you can use to ask whatever you want from the AI tool. Then, there are two options below it – 

  • History – by clicking on this, you get access to your previous searches. 
  • Prompt examples – it contains the sample prompts that you can refer to for understanding how you can use the tool. 

Apart from this, there is a camera icon and a mike icon. You can use the camera icon to convert text into an image. The speaker icon, you have to give access to your microphone to use it. 

Three horizontal lines

It’s placed on the left side of the screen and has 7 options – 

  • Search, chat, assistants, forms, code, images, settings, and profile. 

# Search

It’s the tool that appears on the homepage. You can consider it more like chatgpt or bard. 

# Chat

This section allows you to chat. In the center, there is a blank box where you can type whatever you wish. Then below that, you have the following options – 

  • Delete icon – helps you to delete whatever you have written. 
  • Download icon – to download things.
  • Copy Paste icon – it’s for pasting whatever you have copied in the chat space. 
  • Share icon – to share the typed message. 
  • Sample prompts – it’s the last icon and contains sample prompts. 

# Assistants

Under this option, you get your assistants who will help you solve your things. Currently, the website provides assistants in five categories – writing, technology, executive, fitness, and cooking. 

You just need to click on the assistant you want, type the message, and tap enter. You can also use the microphone icon to type your message. 

But if you wanna get an assistant out of these categories, you can just type out your message. The AI will answer you. 

Then there are the following three options – download, clear conversation history, and share. 

# Code 

After clicking on “code,” a new window opens where you can start coding. Below that typing area, there are the following icons – 

  • + – to open a new coding window. 
  • Repeat – to repeat your last response. 
  • Tribar – to explain your response. 
  • Downward arrow – to get another example of how this coding weopi ai tool can help you.
  • Links – for adding supporting links.
  • Download –  to download things. 
  • Printing
  • Title – for naming your coding chat. 
  • Upload – for loading saved sessions. 
  • Reset – for resetting the chat. 

Below the typing box, there are two options – select background and show quick guides. The first one is for changing the background. When you click on it, many options will appear, you just need to click on the desired one. 

# Forms

Using this Weopi AI tool, you can create different types of forms. There are many options available like business forms, workplace dilemmas, foods, gifts, and more. You just need to click on the type of form you wanna create, and then just choose the options as per your needs. That’s it. 

# Images

From here, you can create an image just by describing what you want. Apart from images, you can create emojis and animated images too. But for that, just type the description in the relevant box. 

# Profile Picture/Settings

Both of these options consist of the same features. The following are the options under it – 

  1. Your Unique ID – it has your user ID. 
  2. Theme color – through it, you can change the theme of the website. You can keep it light or as per your device’s setting. 
  3. The token utilized tells you the number of tokens you have used.
  4. Purchase tokens is the option from where you can buy the tokens. 
  5. Redeem offer code – it’s where you can enter the code and redeem it for rewards. 
  6. Your share links – it’s the link that you can share with your friends. 
  7. Feedback is where you can tell about your experience with the website and its suite of tools. 
  8. Contact – it has the support team email so if you need any help or have any queries, you can talk to them. 
  9. Hashtags contain all the hashtags that can be beneficial for you while using the Weopi AI tool. 
  10. The About section tells all about the website. 
  11. Terms and conditions have the details about every do and don’ts of using the website. 
  12. Privacy discusses the privacy policy of the website. 
  13. Clear session & history help you clear all your previous searches on the website. 
  14. Print history – you can use it to print all your inputs. 
  15. Save history is for saving your previous search data. 
  16. The last one is the refresh location. 

End Note

Weopi.com is a website that provides different kinds of AI tools ranging from image creation to assistants. You can use any of them just by typing in your prompt. That’s all. Besides, if you face any issues, you can contact their customer support. 

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