Where Is The Windmill In Fortnite? Know The Locations!

Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1 introduced two notable landmarks: The Windmill and The Other Windmill. You are required to visit them to complete many quests like the air chakra one. But finding them can be a daunting task for you because they aren’t labeled on the map.

And that’s why we are here. As your buddy, I’m gonna help you visit windmill fortnite locations. Shall we start? Let’s move ahead – 

Where is the windmill in fortnite? 

Many of you might be wondering where is the windmill in fortnite. Right? Well, there are two windmills in the game – The Windmill and The Other Windmill.

You’ll find The Windmill located northeast of Snooty Steppes and southwest of Fencing Fields. It’s at the top of a hill, boasts a prominent windmill, a two-story house, and a quaint small hut.

The Other Windmill – You’ll find it northeast of Grim Gate, beyond the River Styx, and southwest of Lavish Lair. It features a sizable windmill accompanied by a nearby small house. 

How to go to windmill locations in fortnite? 

To reach these locations, just step into the designated area, and a notification will pop up at the bottom right of your screen, confirming your arrival in the zone. If you’re undertaking the ‘Air Jump at The Windmill or The Other Windmill’ quest, simply press your Air Jump button when you receive the location message. 

Making a strategic visit to these locations outside of quest obligations can be advantageous, especially if you aim to avoid crowded Named POIs. This area typically has fewer players, providing you with the opportunity to loot at your own pace with minimal competition. 

Below are the details of what you can expect to find at each location:

The Windmill – 5x chests, 3x Ammo boxes, 11x floor loot, 4x slurp barrels, vehicle and reboot van. 

The Other Windmill – 7x chests, 4x slurp barrels, 2x vehicles, 11x floor loot and 7x ammo boxes. 

How to jump to the windmill in fortnite? 

You will need an airbending scroll to jump. So first of all get that. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1 -Acquire the Airbending Mythic

There are three ways to get the Airbending Mythic:

  • Loot chests: You can find it in regular chests scattered around the map, but this is purely based on luck.
  • Elemental Shrines: Specific shrines dedicated to Air will have a 100% chance of spawning the Airbending Mythic. There are two Shrines on the map:
    • One located north of Grand Glaciers.
    • Another is situated east of Brawler’s Battleground.
  • Floor loot: In some cases, you might find the Airbending Mythic dropped by eliminated players.

Step 2 – Get the Airbending Scroll

Once you have the Airbending scroll in your inventory, simply select it and pick it up. 

Step 3 – Perform the Air Jump

With the Airbending Mythic equipped, here’s how to air jump:

  • On PC: Press the jump button (default is Spacebar) while using the scroll. 
  • On Consoles: Press the jump button (usually A on Xbox/Switch or X on Playstation) while using the scroll. 

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